Sunday, February 12, 2012

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C Therapy

By Damon Noto, MD

When a person consumes vitamin C through a pill, tablet, or liquid capsule
form, naturally the body will absorb it through the stomach only after going
through the entire digestive system. Due to this traditional absorption
process, people who suffer from any type of digestive disorders may have
problems absorbing vitamin C orally and may begin to have deficiencies of
vitamin C in the body.

The absorption of vitamin C in healthy individuals is also limited when taken
orally. The human body can only orally digest so much Vitamin C before it
starts to cause GI side effects such as diarrhea. Many people fall short of
consuming enough vitamin C to even realize its critically important effects on
the body. This is especially true for people with health ailments due to the
body’s increase need for more Vitamin C.

IV vitamin therapy differs from the normal way of consuming vitamin C by mouth due to
its far better absorption rate within the body and its immediate
bioavailability and directness. Also, there are no GI side effects from IV
vitamin therapy and the amount that can be given is several times greater then
what can be given orally.

Intravenous (IV) therapy is when a liquid solution is directly administered
into a person’s vein. IV Vitamin C Therapy means that vitamin C is directly
injected into your bloodstream intravenously rather than orally. Vitamin C is
essential for the human body but unfortunately our bodies cannot produce it on
their own. The reason vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is so effective in aiding
the body in treating diseases and health problems is due to its potent
antioxidant abilities that help protect the body against pollutants.

Nutritional scientists have recently discovered that vitamin C (also known as
ascorbic acid) and its antioxidant abilities not only help treat some of the
most common cold viruses but is now believed to be playing a huge role in
supporting many important functions of the body including the cardiovascular
system, kidneys, bones, respiratory system and much more.

In addition to maintaining important bodily functions, several recent studies
have shown the use of High Dose IV Vitamin C Therapy may be successfully used
to improve outcomes for cancer patients due to its biological reducing agent
and its ability to stop the rampant reproduction of unnatural cells. All of
this without harming the healthy cells of the body.

Studies show that high dosages of IV vitamin C therapy are toxic to certain
cancer cells and not to normal cells because high dosages generate hydrogen
peroxide to the extra-vascular tissues without making there way to the blood
stream. IV therapy is the only way to achieve these types of high plasma
concentrations of Vitamin C needed to aid in cancer treatment. Thus, possibly
giving the patient a longer survival time by increasing the life span of
immune cells and slowing down the growth of cancer cells.

In the informative book entitled Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases & Toxins
written by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D, he says, “there are very few human
diseases or medical conditions that are not improved to at least some degree
by the regular dosing of optimal amounts of vitamin C. There is only rarely a
good reason for not immediately giving any patient large doses of vitamin
C.” He then says, “Ultimately it should become apparent to the reader that
vitamin C is the single most important nutrient substance for the body.”


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